Provoleta cheese from the southern fields $7.990

Melted and subtly spiced.

Pil Pil chicken $8.000

In olive oil, with cilantro, chili peppers and a bit of Sauvignon blanc.

Exquisite bruschettas selection. $7.990

Two bruschettas choice (Available only in dinner hours):

Hummus.New $6.500

Thick chickpea puree with olive and chili, accompanied by carrot sticks.

To Share

Fonfue in meat brothNew $16.990

Accompanied with dips of veined loin, chicken, mushrooms, croutons, cherry tomatoes (2 people).

Exquisite provolone, buttery and gouda melted cheese fondue New $15.500

With a selection of Chiloe potatoes, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, brócoli, brussels sprouts (some ítems may vary upon season), croutons (2 people).

Perfect pairing between sea and land food New $22.990

Mixed in this fondue (2 people).


Soup of the day. $6.500

Vegetables or Pumpkins.

Beef tartare in timbale $10.500

With dill cucumbers, brunoise of onions under egg yolk, accompanied by a mix of green leaves.

Ceviches (to choose): $12.500

- Salmon

- Shrimp

In parmentier, marinated in red onion, lemon juice, cilantro and bell peppers.

Del Navegante ceviche. $13.900

Tuna, salmon, squid and shrimp.

*Vegetarian Dish

Main Courses

Seafood & Fish

Crab chupe with shrimp $13.990

crab meat in battered bread, onion, peppers, and paprika in white wine, all au gratin in parmesan cheese.

Grilled austral hake fillet $13.000

In Sauvignon Blanc reduction with rustic puree and caramelized onions.

Pacific grilled salmon $14.500

On a mote wheat risotto mattress, served with parmesan cheese.

Red tuna from Easter Island $15.900

In algae crust, on a quinoa and mushrooms risotto.

Our famous conger eel broth made to “Lori” style New $12.900

From traditional fishing, in its broth & accompanied by onions, carrots, Ecuadorian shrimp, cilantro, carrots, celery and one touch of chardonnay wine.


Grilled chicken $12.500

From the southern farms, with native potatoes from Chiloé.

Plate beef $13.900

36-hour Sous Vide in red wine, accompanied with rustic puree and roasted vegetables.

250 grs Ribe eye loin, Angus premium. $15.500

Accompanied by rustic potatoes from Chiloé.

Classic Patagonian lamb shank $15.900

Gently cooked in Carmenere wine in Sous Vide of 48 hours and spiced, accompanied with roasted vegetables and mote wheat risotto.

Argentine baby beef Premium steak (Angus) wrapped in baconNew $15.000

On a soft mattress of pea and Cherry puree.

Premium Outside skirt (Angus) from Argentina´s pampas New $17.900

braided in bacon and subtly painted in butter and coriander, accompanied by chilota´s potatoes and vegetables local.

Our beef is of the Aberdeen Angus Premium variety from Argentina.

Our white meats (chicken and fish) come from trusted local suppliers.


Homemade ravioli filled with artichokes $10.900

Accompanied by mild pesto.

Sorrentinos filled with plate beef $11.500

In Sous Vide for 36 hours. and ricotta, in meat and Carmenere wine sauce.

Sorrentinos filled with smoked pacific salmon $13.000

Ricotta and walnuts with clarified butter sauce to the sage.


Chilean salad $6.900

With tomatoes, onions, green chili and cilantro.

From the garden $7.900

Mix of green lettuce, vegetable sticks and cherry tomatoes.

Palmetto and avocado salad. $7.500

Caesar with green leaves, cherry tomatoes and croutons. (To choose):

- Chicken $8.300

- Shrimp $9.800


Fresh seasonal fruit salad. $3.900

Baked milk pudding $4.500

In toffee sauce.

Wine nougat $4.800

Exquisite handmade meringue in Cabernet Sauvignon wine reduction.

Crème Brûlée $5.000

Accompanied by berries and caramel.

Italian home made ice cream $6.000

Exclusively for our restaurant.

You can choose up to two flavors:

- Mint stracciatella.

- Murta berries

- Tahitian Vanilla

- Berry yogurt

- Italian Moka

Fondue de Chocolate.New $13.500

Temptation of Fondue, Belgian Chocolate 73% Cocoa mixed with 50% Chocolate cocoa, accompanied by strawberries, apples, pineapples, bananas, oranges or tangerines, chocolate brownie (some fruits may vary depending seasons), marshmallows.

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